Wyoming Avenue Farmer's Market

Weekends seem to be the most popular days for farmer's markets out here in the Cincinnati suburbs.  Our Saturday's have been filled to the brim with activities and committments that we haven't made it to a single market this summer.  I miss them--and we went often last summer--so when I suggested to Tim that we go to the Wyoming Avenue Farmer's Market on Tuesday, he quickly agreed.

There were a half dozen or so vendors, with various products ranging from gelato to baked goods to fresh produce.  Tim picked out a few watermelon zucchini, some summer squash, and raspberries.  I was looking for some pickling cucumbers but when I asked a vendor she smiled and told me what I already knew--the cold, rainy spring weather has put most of the vegetables back 2 or 3 weeks or maybe more.  I smiled back and told her that I'd return to buy a bunch in a few weeks.  And I meant it. 

Tim's favorite vendor was the Fire Side Pizza Wagon.  They actually bring their own brick oven--on a wagon--to the location and cook pizzas to order.

We ordered the Greek pizza and shopped around while we waited for it to be ready.  The original plan was to take the pizza home to eat it, but it was so fragrant and hot that we sat on a park bench next to the market and ate it right away.

The toppings were salty and bright and the crust was thin and crisp.  It was one of the better pizza's I've eaten recently and I'm always up for impromptu picnicking, especially in such good company. 


  1. I like Fireside's pizza too! Alas, they've decided to quit bringing their oven downtown to the 5th & Race food truck parking. But on their last day downtown, they did a very cool thing. They offered a free pizza to anyone who spent at least $7 at one of the other food trucks. What a nice combo of good will and good food!

  2. i'd definitely be interested in "farmers' market shopping" with you on the weekends! love fresh, local produce...and I LOVE your dill pickles, so I'm definitely going to help you pack your car with as many of those cucumbers as you can fit in there!


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