If I Hadn't Looked Closely

Nestled at the base of the biggest leaves is the beginning of our first head of broccoli.

If you've ever wondered why it's called an "egg"-plant, all you have to do is look at that picture. 

And if you're perplexed at why the British call an eggplant an "aubergine," then the deep purple hue of this varietal should clear that up. 

Sometimes you have to look twice to see the changes.  We didn't even notice these Thai hot peppers until Tim realized the peppers were growing unexpectedly upwards.

The butternut squash is, or perhaps more correctly we are, dealing with Blossom End Rot.  It could be our fault from overwatering.  Or maybe now we are underwatering.  Or it could be that there isn't enough calcium in the soil--it's hard to say.  No matter how many times I ask the squash to tell me what they need, I'll never get an answer.  So we do our best, and celebrate when a squash gets as large as this one and remains healthy. 

Every day there is something new to see on our "compact" pumpkin--freshly opened blossoms, baby-sized pumpkins, and gigantic new leaves.  There is absolutely nothing compact about this plant (it's 3 times the size it was in my last garden update); I'm not sure why it was given this name.

And we were about to give up on this grape tomato plant a few weeks ago, but now there are a dozen or so tiny fruit starting to mature.  If I hadn't looked closely--very, very closely--I might have missed it.


  1. You have such great variety in your garden! I can't wait to see it. Can you take a picture of the overall garden and post? Love that this is in your backyard!

  2. For my next garden related post, I will definitely include a full-garden pic. It's nuts how things are overflowing into the yard and I appreciate that my husband is so unconcerned about the grass. He just shrugs and is happy that it's less to mow!


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