The Messy Katie

I started a new position at work this week.  In celebration of my final commute to Oxford I decided to indulge in one of the college town's most famous restaurants.

In fact, picking up a farewell sandwich was my friend Lia's idea, who as I told you before, encouraged us during Alumni Weekend to go not just once but twice to Bagel and Deli for late night food. 

So I went to Bagel and Deli mid-afternoon, when the store was empty and only one bagel-maker was working, and I ordered my favorite sandwich--The Messy Katie.

If you're unfamiliar with Bagel and Deli, the name of the sandwich may sound strangeWho is this Katie and why was she so messy?  But that's the thing about Bagel and Deli--all of the sandwiches are named for favorite combinations of past employees, famous (and infamous) visitors to Oxford, as well as past and present Miami students, who have left their legacy on the town and this little shop.  

Man, that Messy Katie was so, so good. 


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