The Beginning of Summer

The official first day of summer...was yesterday.   It's the longest day of the year but it flew by for me.  Isn't that how all of summer is?  So quick that we barely have a moment to stop and look into the endless blue skies that linger past (my) bedtime? 

The past few weeks for me have been filled with reminiscing and celebrating.  Two weekends ago I traveled to Indianapolis to help shower my good friend K.C. with love and household items before her July wedding.  Her sister made a batch of divine cheesecake brownie cupcakes--Lizzie, I must have the recipe.  It was truly a joyful weekend and I know K.C. will be very happy, even though she's living in Michigan!  (Ohioans can't resist a Michigan joke.) 

This past weekend my darling friend Lia traveled all the way from her new borough to visit our dear friend Abbie and me.  We had a fantastic dinner on Thursday night at my new house, where I did my best to wow them with my newfound culinary skills.  I've come a long way from Rice-A-Roni, haven't I ladies?  (At least I hope!)

Over the weekend the girls and I went to our Alma Mater's Alumni Weekend for our five year reunion.  While we had a great time visiting and touring the campus, I was most amused with the way Lia wanted to re-experience college life through her stomach.  As soon as the campus was in sight, she began ticking off the locations she absolutely had to eat.   Jimmy John's.  Harrison Dining Hall.  Kona BistroBagel and Deli...twice.

For us all, it was like visiting our home before our current homes.  So much of our experiences, food and otherwise, were rooted in our four years there, and I'm thankful we shared that with one another, then and now.


  1. That bagel and deli hit the SPOT..(twice)!! ps. the fish tacos were scrumptious :)

  2. It really does. But it tastes the best at 2:00am when you're with good friends!


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