Past Their Prime

Around three o'clock this afternoon I looked out the window and a dreary rain-shower had upgraded to a damp snowfall.  Of course, this is only an upgrade for those who have been disappointed by the muddy, mild weather we've had so far this winter.  I normally behave like a shut-in come January, but I think the weather has me out of my norm.  I'm tackling my new year's goals with gusto, brainstorming new ideas for this website, gearing up to attend local blogging events, and even feeling confident at my day job. 

I guess winter has finally settled in but I don't plan on slowing down.  I've even been thinking about spring gardening again.  One of the perks of living way out here in the suburbs is that we have so much space for things to grow.  Some things like leafy greens can be started as soon as April--that's only a few months away!

Our potted herb garden was extremely rewarding this year.  Whenever I needed a handful of chives to add to a sauce or to finish a salad, I walked out to the patio with the kitchen shears.   That incredibly easy oregano pesto?  Trimmed from our backyard plant.  There was also parsley for adding to homemade stock, dill for homemade pickles, and, my favorite, thyme bouquets stuffed into whole roast chicken

Except for the rosemary, though its time will soon be over too, the rest of the herbs are past their prime.  Some will come back next year and some won't.  Come February, when the ground is frozen and the air visibly holds my breath, I will chop down the thick stems of what's left to allow for new growth this spring.  I have a feeling that the time will fly by between now and then, don't you?

Did you grow anything wonderful this year?  Any gardening resolutions or goals for 2012?

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  1. So you're one of THOSE people, who have missed the snow, eh? I've actually been enjoying the mild temps. But those are some lovely photos, and I'm glad to hear you're plowing into the new year with gusto!


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