A Date to Dilly Deli

Tim and I have been doing a little dating lately--dating each other, of course.  I've learned over the past 2.5 years of our marriage (and over 5 years since we met) that relationships take real work.  A good marriage does not just happen to us--we create it for ourselves. That's where dating comes in.

During December, we went on all sorts of dates.  We went to the movies; I loved My Week with Marilyn (and Tim liked it, too).  On another night we got Starbucks and drove through a park decorated with Christmas lights.  We also went out to dinner at Dilly Deli and realized that I could eat so many things on the menu that we went back again two weeks later. 

We ordered a basket of sweet potato fries as an appetizer (both times) and it was served with creamy, sweet apple butter.  This is a perfect starter because it is not too filling and it's light in flavor so as not to leave an after taste. I especially appreciated that because my entree was full of strong flavors. 

Tim ordered the crab cakes and I ordered cioppino.  The mahi mahi was firm and flaky and the shrimp, crab, and mussels were cooked perfectly.  I loved my entree. 

After dinner we walked quietly to the car holding hands.  This was a really excellent date.   

(please forgive the grainy pics--I only had my iPhone with me!)

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