See that up there?  My early Christmas gift from Tim.  I couldn't figure out how to tell you about it without taking a picture of it, and then thought about the slight absurdity of photographing a camera (might I call it meta-photography?).  He purchased it from someone on Craigslist; it's practically unused and came with the original box.  I have had just one afternoon since he gave it to me (before our 5:30pm sunset) to snap a few pictures of the dogs playing in the backyard.  I am just getting the hang of it, and I suppose once I get started taking pictures I may never stop learning.

I like to imagine Tim and I traipsing around the globe with this camera hanging from our necks, snapping pictures of one another posing awkwardly in front of "The World's Largest (Blank)."  In fact, we are going to start doing that this weekend.

Well, there is no impromptu cross-country road trip planned, but Tim called me this afternoon to inform me that we have nothing planned this weekend.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Two whole days.  So we are going to spend Saturday morning visiting Findlay Market, slurping Pho for lunch, and then finding spots in the city to take pictures.  Think sunny thoughts for me, would you please?

I also plan on doing some experimental baking.  I've got this (crazy) idea to make a beloved family dessert fit my diet restrictions, and I may spend any other free time I have figuring it out.  One thing I have learned about cooking since I started avoiding certain foods is that there is no equal substitute for certain items.  If you swap out the regular flour for gluten-free flour, you will not necessarily get an equal result.  It does require changes in my expectations, but I'm hopeful that I can come up with something close enough.  It wouldn't be Thanksgiving if this dessert wasn't on the buffet table.

Speaking of baking...I'd like to propose a Virtual Cookie Swap on December 12.  No stress--just post a favorite holiday cookie recipe on your blog on Monday, December 12, and then come over here and comment on my blog with a link to your post.   Then I will do a cookie recipe round-up that will inspire bakers to get in the kitchen and into the holiday spirit!  I will post more information on the blog about this virtual event before then, and you can also look for the hashtag #cookieswap on Twitter!

Have a great weekend--and I hope to have some photos and recipes to share with you next week. 


  1. I took a stab at my very first Gluten-Free cake the other week for a customer. I used a recipe from King Arthur Flour (I love them and have this secret dream to move to Vermont and work for them) and much to my dismay..it turned out great!

    Best of luck with all of your other allergy cooking adventures! And I'm so excited for the cookie swap!

  2. Stephanie, I would love a link to that cake recipe. KAF has the best recipes and flours! And I hope we have a handful of cookie bakers join us!

  3. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/gluten-free-yellow-cake-recipe#reviews

    here ya go!


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