Just Picked: Broccoli

In just one week the head of broccoli went from being flat and buried at the center of the stalk to rising out of the middle and actually looking like broccoli.  Yesterday Tim was checking out the plants and said, "I  think this broccoli is going to bloom if we don't pick it." 

Pick it?  It was already time to pick it?  It seemed too early--I guess I assumed broccoli was more of a fall vegetable.  But he was right; Tim got a serated knife and sliced the head off at its base, leaving behind a large broccoli plant that we're not sure what to do with.  Do we leave it there?  Will it keep growing?  Produce more broccoli?  We have no clue.

Tim was in charge of dinner last night and he wanted to keep it simple: seared tuna steak, white rice, and steamed broccoli.  If you can imagine, the broccoli was the strongest broccoli-flavored broccoli I've ever tasted.  It was worth the wait it took to grow it.

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