Monday Link Love: Breakfast

I love breakfast.  I mean it--I really love breakfast.  On Saturdays, my mom would often make pancakes from a recipe out of our worn red and white plaid cookbook.  Or she would cut shapes in our toast in order to fry an egg in the middle of them.  If it was a Sunday, we were more likely to have a big breakfast casserole, assembled the day before, and baked as soon as we returned from church.  To satisfy a five member family, half of the casserole was cheese-only and the other half had diced ham or crumbled sausage. 

Even after moving to Cincinnati, I have continued to love this morning meal.  It doesn't have to be complicated, but it's easy to see if something has been prepared with care.  I've selected some recipes from blogosphere that you should check out, and keep them in mind when you're planning your next special breakfast.

Tracy from Shutterbean wrote about this twist on an Egg-in-a-Hole--she cracks the egg into a circular slice of red bell pepper. This is a great option for someone cutting back on their bread intake or upping their veggies. 

Eating something quick for breakfast doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on flavor.  Bree posted a step-by-step recipe for Strawberry Spoon Jam which would be incredible on a scone or biscuit. Dare I say you could even eat this on your morning commute? 

A fellow Panera Bread lover, Amber has a recipe for Ham & Swiss Baked Egg Souffles.  I'm partial to Amber's blog name as well because my father-in-law, a San Antonio resident, loves the blue bonnets, too.

Joy the Baker is known for her sinful sweet treats, but it's okay to indulge at breakfast, too, right?  (I think Joy would say--emphatically--yes.)  I'm definitely making this Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread SOON

Skip the Eggo WafflesMolly has two waffle recipes in one post on Orangette--and one is an adaptation of the Waffle Of Insane Greatness.  How can you pass that up?

I've already told you I'm a sucker for a runny egg, and it's in it's best form poached and perched atop a crispy english muffin.  And then drenched in hollandaise sauce? Amazing.  Josh, half of Two Peas and Their Pod, made the quintessential Eggs Benedict for his wife, Maria.  This breakfast is one I could never get sick of and is easily modified for more modern versions. 

Happy Monday to all of you! 

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