Equal Opportunity Gelato Consumers

How was your St. Patrick's day? 

I'm wondering what you were up to yesterday because it seems like everywhere I went there were people wearing green t-shirts, green knee socks and drinking suspiciously green beverages.  I, too, sported a green sweater, though I'm aware it was a weak attempt at partaking in the holiday.  I did consume a green beverage (margarita on the rocks) and watch some Sons of Anarchy (SAMCRO has quite a few Irish connections) but neither of those really made me feel like shouting, "Kiss me! I'm pretending to be Irish!

What can I say--I'm not Irish and I kind of don't get it.  I suspect part of it has to do with the fact that St. Patty's fell on a weekday this year and frankly, I am having a tough week at work.  My heart wasn't into the celebration.  I will do better next year--maybe even cook up some homemade corned beef.

On the other hand, Tim was a little more in the spirit.  While green beer wasn't on his agenda either, he did surprise me with a small St. Patrick's Day gift from Findlay Market.

Guinness flavored gelato from Dojo Gelato and a set of 4 gelato spades*.  What a gift!  The spades make so much sense for eating gelato, particularly pints that sit in the freezer and won't have that softness that you get from fresh.

The Guinness flavor was surprising and subtle.  There was a dark earthiness that I didn't expect and I could definitely tell that it was Guinness.  It wasn't savory--it was definitely dessert--but I appreciated the complexity of the contrast between the dark beer and what was likely vanilla gelato.  It was simple and smooth and did pump a little Irish into our day. 

Just to be clear--I am an equal opportunity gelato consumer--so please check out Dojo's and Madisono's blogs for their seasonal flavors.

*Oh, and the spades were purchased from Dojo's booth at Findlay Market.


  1. I wish they offered it all year long. It was tasty while it lasted!

  2. I love this sentence: "What can I say--I'm not Irish and I kind of don't get it." Lol!

  3. If only St. Friedrich's Day or St. Brunhilda's Day or somesuch was a bigger holiday, then all the Fishers could get their German celebration on! :)

    Hope you're having a better work week!

  4. Hihi!

    Have just discovered your blog and I love it- we were in Dublin just a couple of weeks ago and had Guinness gelato there- paired with dark chocolate it was pretty fabulous. And then there was whiskey, and sea salt. They were pretty darn great too...


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