A Renewal

I'll admit I've been a little distant from my blog. 

And I don't want you to think that I'm not still here, reading blogs and discovering new sites, cooking up a storm, and feeding my hungry husband--because I am.  I've kind of enjoyed this mini hiatus from my blog and am here to tell you that it can be very freeing to just let go of any expectations that I might think someone else has of me and this little site. 

Frankly, I am the boss of my blog, and as CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO of this little operation here, I gave myself as many sick days, personal days, mental health days and vacation days as I may have needed. 

Since taking this time off, I feel renewed in my excited about food.  I'm going to do a little renovating of the site to gear up for winter and spring (oh Spring, you are getting so near!).  I've cooked some dishes and baked some goods I'd like to share with you, and I hope that you'll continue to engage in a dialogue about food, gardening, and life with me as we take on 2011 together. 

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  1. I feel you...the break you took was well-deserved! I took off the entire month on December. Love, love, love your peach post. Dying to make the peach butter.


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