2010 Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

I have a friend who has already completed her holiday shopping.  She posted on facebook that she was going to spend the rest of the holiday season sipping wine by her decorated tree while the rest of us frantically shop until the last moment.  The image of me with my hair in a tousled side-bun in my sweatpants on Christmas Even waiting in endless lines at the mall is frightening so I decided I don't want you, my dear readers, to be in that predicament either.

In the spirit of giving, I'd like to offer you a list of 10 gifts you can consider giving to your dearest Foodie Friend/Family Member/Spouse/Boss/Secret Santa.

OGFL 2010 Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

1.  For the Hostess with the Mostess

If you know he or she loves to entertain, then gift them a set of holiday place card holders in a neutral color to go with any kitchen or dining room.  It will add an elegant touch to any dinner party. 

2.  For the Newlywed's First Holiday

Monogrammed towels are so last year.  Any couple would enjoy this set of  monogrammed black leather coasters, and these are just masculine enough that a guy would like them as much as a gal.

3.  For the Tree-Hugging, Animal Loving, Picky Eater

It ain't easy being vegan, so buy them this cookbook to make it easier.  If you flip through the book before you wrap it up, you might even whip up a few meals of the veggie persuasion yourself. 

4.  For the Family Pet (Who Eats Well, Too)

I admit that Tim and I treat our dogs like they are our babies, but that is because they bring me so much happiness.  I think any animal lover would howl with glee if they received a canister for their dog treats that matches the current trend of stainless steel appliances and accessories in the kitchen.  

5.  For Someone Who Appreciates a Nice Presentation

If the receiver is a terrible baker, these won't help.  (Sorry!)  But if he or she generally has more hits than misses, I think a beautiful plate might make a great dessert taste even better.  And if they love having uniquely mismatched dishes, then you will score even more points. 

6.  For the Hunter and Gatherer

This person likes everything else from scratch so why not make their own hard cider or beer?  Tim's friends are all enthusiastic home brewers and have gatherings specifically to sample what the others have been brewing lately.  While we have not started this tradition at our house (yet), I think that this is a great gift for someone who is interested in a simple introduction to zymology

7.  For the Bookworm Who Also Cooks

If he or she has already read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, then definitely pick up The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz.   After they devour this book in a few days, invite yourself over for dinner and dessert. 

8.  For Someone Who Doesn't Take Things Too Seriously

A bottle of wine is a nice gift, but if you added this sock monkey wine sleeve, I think the wine would be even more appreciated (and so would your sense of humor). 

9.  For Someone Still Mourning the Loss of Gourmet Magazine

Even if he or she doesn't sleep with an old copy of Gourmet on their nightstand, any fan of the magazine would love to receive The Gourmet Cookie Book.  I've already read a review of the recipes and I think you can trust Gourmet. 

10.  For the World Traveler (or World Eater)

If you know the receiver is an adventurous diner, a thoughtful assortment of spices will can be a fantastic gift.  If you aren't lucky enough to have a gourmet herbs and spice shop near you where you can get an expert's advice, then try ordering a gift box of regional spices.  Are they a glutton for spicy punishment?  Give them an assortment of fiery spices.  Do they love Indian food?  An assortment of curry powders will do the trick.  Unsure what kind of spices they would like?  A gift box of assorted sea salts would be a safe choice.

I hope that my gift guide will inspire you to thoughtfully consider what your Friend/Family Member/Spouse/Boss/Secret Santa might like to receive. 

Now, it's your turn.  Have any great ideas for a foodie gift this holiday?  Please share your ideas! Did you make your own list?  Link to the list in the comments! 

Lastly, I know you may be waiting on my Thanksgiving re-cap (or maybe you've forgotten already that you begged me for the results of my Brussels sprout slaw) and I assure that it is forthcoming.  I've just hit a bit of a technology snag--as in, our computer where I upload and edit my photos is in the repair shop and so I'm without any evidence of how wonderful everything went.  I promise that as soon as it comes back I will share my successes--and there were oh so many. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  1. Great list, Jen - I especially like the wine sock monkey :)

    The only reason I am almost done with my Xmas shopping is that I had to get most of them together by Thanksgiving, when the majority of my family would be together instead of at Christmas. The best gift I've received so far is from my sister, who is creating her own Ingredient of the Month club for me during the coming year! My first installment is Maytag blue cheese, one of my faves, and it comes from a town near when she lives in Iowa. Can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

    Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was a success. Best of luck with the computer - I'll look forward to seeing your "evidence" whenever you're able to post :)

  2. #3 BEST GIFT EVER!!!!

    I would LOVE this. And since it's on your list, you might be getting it too! ha!


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