What's Your Summer Drink?

Sun tea, just like I remember my mom making it.  Murray couldn't resist taking a sniff and good a look into the jar. 

To me, sun tea tastes like diving into the swimming pool, grilling corn on the cob, and catching fire flies.  What's your summer drink?


  1. we love ice tea anytime of year, but summer also brings out the sangria!! its more like fruit juice when i get done with it!

  2. I am a big sun tea fan, too, thanks to my husband's California upbringing; we have a glass cider jug that we use to make a gallon of tea every couple days (in nice weather, it only takes about a half hour here).

    Other than that, I like to make granitas, sorbets, and popsicles - fresh fruit, frozen!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!