The Rain Dance

Three days of no rain.

And to top that off, the truck that is normally full of water parked next to the garden...

Empty.  Not a drop coming out of it.  We are very grateful to the City of Mason for leaving the truck there for our convenience.  But today, I felt like I was in Nevada:  no water anywhere around. 

There certainly wasn't any coming from the sky. We stood next to our plants and did our best to summon some rain clouds.  My rain dance looked a bit like I was walking like an Egyptian and Tim's was somewhere in the vicinity of the twist.  I guess it almost worked because we had a sprinkle of rain around 5:00pm today, but then it stopped as quickly as it started.  There is still hope for some rain this evening, but until then I will work on my rain dancing and let you know if I find one that works.

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  1. Plus, rainy days are the perfect excuse to spend summer afternoons in the kitchen.


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